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— Toni Bernhard, Author of How to be Sick

Making Peace with Chronic Illness

"More than anything, this book is about courage—the courage to face your fears about your health and the courage to keep fighting for your dignity."

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10 Ways to Describe Your Character’s Appearance Without Being Boring

Deciding when to describe your character’s physical appearance can be tough. Do you do it right away? Do you wait until they look in a mirror? Do you list characteristics all at once?

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5 More Unique Magic Systems to Inspire Your Own

A unique magic system is a great way to make your fantasy world unforgettable. The most important thing is that it makes sense for your world and the story that you are telling.

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5 Stories About the Afterlife that Might Surprise You

Five examples of afterlives that don’t stick to traditional good vs. bad destinations.

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Discord Community

Discord is a free chat app for gamers and other communities. We use it to geek out about reading and writing!

Our Discord community is a place for fans of science fiction and fantasy to hang out together. If you are a reader, join for discussions about your favourite books, reviews by awesome bloggers, and a book club. If you are a writer, join for a community of creative minds who are getting words down onto the page. We discuss worldbuilding, chat about goals, read books on craft together, and cheer each other on!

Worldbuilding Podcast

The Wayfarer’s Guide to Worldbuilding is a tool to help writers, DMs, and creatives build unique, scientific, and magical worlds. Each episode explores one facet of worldbuilding and gives practical advice on how to design these elements.

Hosted by the Mythos & Ink staff, the podcast explores strong examples of worldbuilding from science fiction and fantasy books, TV shows, and movies, and offers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of publishing.

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