5 Indie Publishers that Accept Sci-Fi and Fantasy Submissions

Have you written a sci-fi or fantasy novel, painstakingly edited your draft, received beta reader feedback, edited some more, perfected a query letter, and are now ready to send it out into the world? While some authors seek out a Big Five publisher through a literary agent and some decide to self-publish, others are drawn to the benefits of an indie press.

The ideal small publisher is a company that genuinely cares about its authors, is willing to work with them, and will advocate for them. Note: Still do your own homework when it comes to indie presses—talk to authors who have worked with them, look them up on Writer Beware, and note any red flags (e.g. if they ask you to pay them money to get published, run away). Check out this post on what to look for when querying a small press. Without further ado, and in no particular order, five indie publishers that do not require a literary agent to submit to:

1. Ink and Fable Publishing

Founded: 2019

Publishes: YA, NA, and adult; fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, dystopian, utopian, steampunk, alternate history, adventure, horror

About: “A publishing house dedicated to exploring magic, new planets, ghosts and more with genres ranging from steampunk to epic fantasy…”

Books They’ve Published:

2. Erewhon Books

Founded: 2018

Publishes: YA and adult; science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other subgenres.

“We tend to prefer books with unique and well-formed prose, on the literary end of the spectrum but with clear commercial appeal. We especially like works that fall between genres—something that’s hard to categorize is more likely to win us over than a standard-issue epic/quest fantasy, and we appreciate veins of weirdness or dark humor. We don’t expect to publish much romance or erotica, but will consider it if exemplary in other ways.”

About: “At Erewhon, our mission is to publish thoughtful, groundbreaking, and unforgettable books that go straight to the reader’s heart, effortlessly strange stories that take readers on powerful emotional journeys. We embrace the liminal and unclassifiable and champion the unusual, the uncanny, and the hard-to-define. “

Books They’ve Published:

3. Parliament House Press

Founded: 2016

Publishes: Adult urban fantasy, supernatural thriller, paranormal romance, dark fantasy, horror; YA urban fantasy, paranormal romance, dark fantasy, horror

About: “The Parliament House curates voicey upmarket urban fantasy and paranormal fiction with an emphasis on uplifting marginalized voices and unconventional narratives. We strive to inscribe magic onto every page and to capture our passionate readership with the enduring power of storytelling.”

Books They’ve Published:

4. Thinklings Books

Founded: 2019

Publishes: MG, YA, and adult speculative fiction.

About: “Thinklings Books is a company founded by readers for readers. We also happen to be editors and writers, so we know good writing when we see it (and how to make it even better), and we understand every side of publishing…”

Books They’ve Published:

5. Mythos & Ink

Founded: 2018

Publishes: MG, YA, and adult novels and graphic novels; science fiction, fantasy, and all its subgenres; nerdy nonfiction related to pop culture. We’re particularly looking for diverse voices.

About: “Mythos & Ink is an independent press with a passion for great stories and the community built around them.”

Books They’ve Published:

See the second part of this blog series—”5 More Indie Publishers That Accept Sci-Fi and Fantasy Submissions” for even more presses accepting unsolicited queries!

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