5 More Indie Publishers that Accept Sci-Fi and Fantasy Submissions

Have you written a sci-fi or fantasy novel, painstakingly edited your draft, received beta reader feedback, edited some more, perfected a query letter, and are now ready to send it out into the world? While some authors seek out a Big Five publisher through a literary agent and some decide to self-publish, others are drawn to the benefits of an indie press.

The ideal small publisher is a company that genuinely cares about its authors, is willing to work with them, and will advocate for them. Note: Still do your own homework when it comes to indie presses—talk to authors who have worked with them, look them up on Writer Beware, and note any red flags (e.g. if they ask you to pay them money to get published, run away). Check out this post on what to look for when querying a small press. 

 Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are five more indie publishers that do not require a literary agent to submit to:

1. Tiny Fox Press

Founded: 2016

Publishes: Science fiction, fantasy, YA

“[We’re] really, really, REALLY looking for the following with series potential:

  • Fantasy — Norse Mythology, Gaslamp, Humorous
  • SciFi — Steam Punk, Space Opera, Post Apoc, Humorous
  • YA — Something fun, adventurous and with plenty of magic

About: We at Tiny Fox Press came together wanting three things: talented writers, wonderful stories, and the entrance to Doc Noss’s lost gold mine.

Though it might take a couple of fortnights for us to find that mine (send us your hot tips, please), we’re confident we can find the first two and give our readers great books to enjoy.”

Books They’ve Published:

2. Future House Publishing

Founded: 2014

Publishes: MG, adult. Science fiction, fantasy, adventure.

About: “With roots in cinematic storytelling, Future House publishes adult science fiction and fantasy, as well as middle grade adventure books that embrace community, liberty, and family.”

Books They’ve Published:

3. Talos Press

Founded: 2013

Publishes: Science fiction, fantasy, horror

About: “Talos Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, is an independent print and digital publisher of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.”

Books They’ve Published:

4. Quirk Books

Founded: 2002

Publishes: MG, YA, Adult; speculative, horror, psychological thriller, queer rom-com, nonfiction, mystery

About: “Quirk publishes just 25 strikingly unconventional books per year, and every title is a labor of love born out of our passions and obsessions. Always looking to set the next trend, Quirk delivers books and stories that are bold, unprecedented, beautifully designed, and affordable.”

Books They’ve Published:

5. Enclave Publishing

Founded: 2014

Publishes: YA and adult. Fantasy, science fiction, and supernatural.

About: “Enclave is the premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction. Whether it’s Christian science fiction you love, or fantasy, time travel, steampunk, alternate history, spiritual warfare, superhero, or technothriller—if it’s speculative and it comes from the Christian worldview, Enclave is the place to go.”

Books They’ve Published:

See the first part of this blog series—”5 Indie Publishers That Accept Sci-Fi and Fantasy Submissions” for even more presses accepting unsolicited queries!

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