It’s not that these story ideas are bad. They’ve just been done before, and we frequently see pitches featuring these ideas. For us to consider a story that follows one of these tropes, it would need to have a unique twist, something different from the fandom that (in our, completely unbiassed and definitive opinions) did it best.

1. Genetically-engineered/experimented upon super soldier.
Who did it best? Firefly (River Tam).

2. Dying in a video game means dying in real life.
Who did it best? Sword Art Online.

3. Children killing each other for sport.
Who did it best? The Hunger Games.

4. Love triangles.
Who did it best? Battlestar Galactica (Kara, Lee, Sam, and Dee—really a quadrangle).

5. Kid who discovers magical abilities and attends wizard school (bonus points if they’re the “chosen one” and their parents are dead).
Who did it best? The Harry Potter series.

Note: One trope some of us can’t get enough of is: superhero high school.
Who did it best? My Hero Academia.