Acquiring professional, eye-catching cover art is a key step to publishing a book. Most artists who work for large publishing companies charge in the thousands for their designs. And though fantastic art is worth every penny, most self-publishers can’t afford that. Here are seven artists and/or designers who may be more affordable for author entrepreneurs.

1. Priscilla Kim

From the website: “Priscilla is an illustrator and concept artist with a focus on covers and portraiture. She bears a deep love of games and books, particularly of the sci-fi and fantasy stripe. Past clients include, Paizo, Fantasy Flight, Uncanny Magazine, White Wolf, Onyx Path, XPRIZE, Green Ronin, Hi-Rez,  and more. She’s also been featured in ImagineFX, the Society of Illustrators West, and Spectrum Fantastic Art 24 and 26.”

Sample covers:

2. Seedlings Design Studio

From the website: “Seedlings began as a stationery studio, focusing primarily on weddings and corporate branding pieces, but after several years of running a book review blog and watching the rise of indie and self-publishing, I finally saw a way of combining my love of graphic design with my robust enthusiasm for all things book-related.

Seedlings now focuses exclusively on book cover and promotional design for authors; my passion for typography, design and the creation of beautiful things the driving force behind each and every project. I would be honored to be a part of bringing your book to life by designing an exterior as striking as the story it houses, so please visit the contact page to get started!”

Sample covers:

3. Bookfly Design

From the website: “Bookfly Design is a small studio on the Oregon coast dedicated to helping indie authors self-publish with success. We love books, and our mission is to help your work reach the audience it deserves.”

Sample covers:

4. Lance Buckley Design

From the website: “I work one-on-one with authors and publishers from concept to creation with the goal of designing a unique and marketable book cover that will attract readers while staying true to the tone and content of the book.”

Sample covers:

5. J Caleb Design

From the website: “I make badass covers for badass stories. Full of grit and storytelling, my work is geared to instantly capture a reader’s attention. Using 3-d modeling software combined with digital painting, my fully custom creations play with perspective and scale in a way few other covers in the industry do.”

Sample covers:


6. MiblArt

From the website: “There are so many stories in this world worth telling… Our is not an exception. It started with three young people sharing the same passion for creating a unique design. Through hard work and an infinite amount of hours mastering their craft, guys ended up founding a place for people who shared their values – MiblArt.

Today, there are 34 of us – and we keep growing – who believe that book cover design may look professional and shouldn’t cost you a fortune.”

Sample covers:

7. Damonza

From the website: “Everyone likes an underdog story. Show me a person who doesn’t love Cool Runnings and I’ll show you a liar. But while comparisons to Jamaican bobsled teams may be tenuous, did start out similarly modest and unassuming. Founded by Damon Freeman in 2012 as nothing more than a side project, Damonza has since grown into a trailblazer in book cover design, formatting and marketing. Having built an incredibly talented and passionate team, Damonza has produced thousands of book covers for a multitude of authors since its foundation, including many New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.”

Sample covers: