7 Cartographers Who Draw Fantasy Maps

If you want help bringing your world to life, consider hiring a cartographer! There are many wonderful artists who specialize in fantasy maps and are available for individual projects (but check their websites to see if they are open for commissions). If your budget is tight and/or you are looking for inspiration for your worldbuilding, see if they offer pre-made maps for purchase.

The following seven cartographers specialize in fantasy maps.

1. Devon Rue

“You might have seen my work on Critical Role, WotC, Beadle & Grimm, Roll20, D&D Beyond, The Triangle Table, Nerdolopedia, Godsfall and more. I make fantasy maps…highly detailed fantasy maps. I spend the majority of my time creating maps. I’m sort of obsessed but you’ll find that out soon enough if you haven’t done so already.”

2. Sellsword Maps

“My name is Nate, and I draw maps. When I draw, I explore existing fantastical worlds, create new ones, and uncover exciting stories of adventure and intrigue. These maps take me back to the days of musty-smelling fantasy novels from the used book store, and the old cloth maps that came with computer role-playing games. Nowadays, fantasy maps help me and my friends tell stories around the gaming table, with character sheets and funny-looking dice. Whatever your reason for being here, sometime in the near future I hope you’re able to experience the joy of getting lost in a map!”

3. Caeora

“I’m a UK based cartographer, artist and writer that makes fantasy maps, monster tokens and adventures!

“Not long after graduation I realised the best way to get into the industry that I loved was to start making my own content and started things out by making an adventure called The Burning Goblins under Blue Sword Games. I made my own maps for the adventure and after some suggestions from friends I decided to try making more of the same on Patreon.”

4. Soraya Corcoran

“I’ve loved maps as long as I can remember. I’m just surprised it took me so long to finally start making them for myself! If you’re a fellow map-lover, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re here to simply admire the view or you’re looking to get one of these babies for yourself, I hope you enjoy what you see!”

5. Allixander Maps

I’ve been painting with acrylics since I was ten, and picked up digital drawing as an adult. My love of maps began to grow after drawing one as a gift for my Dungeon Master. I didn’t want to stop making them after that, so… I didn’t!

“My pre-made maps are especially designed for authors. I also loves working on world maps for D&D and other RPGs (they make great gifts for your DM!).”

6. Whiskey & Ink

“Creating and drawing out fantasy maps and illustrations is what I do. I love taking a small kernel of an idea, and building it up, layer by layer, until it is as believable and life like as it can be. When I can look something I’ve drawn, and can see the lives and spirits of the people that live there, I know I’ve done my job.”

7. James Nalepa

“I’m 22 years old, currently attending college. Over the past three years I have finished and shipped many commission projects to paying clients. I specialize in fantasy maps, but also have branched out into doing other fantasy artwork.”

Is your fantasy world ready for a map? Give these artists some love!

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