7 More Affordable Cover Artists for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

When you publish your own book, you’re responsible for everything—editing, marketing, publicity, layout, distribution, and cover art. And you don’t want to skimp on the cover, because it’s the first thing a reader will see. It can make the difference between someone picking up your book or leaving it to gather dusk on the shelf.

Most artists who work for large publishing companies charge in the thousands for their designs, and while fantastic art is worth every penny, many self-publishers can’t swing that. Here are seven book designers who won’t break the bank for author entrepreneurs.

1. Ebook Launch

About: “Ebook Launch is a family business spanning three generations! The spark was ignited in 2009 when John helped his father with book cover design and print book formatting. Since then, they’ve worked with thousands of authors from around the world from their home offices in Western Canada. They keep their business small, so they can deliver the kind of service their loyal clients have come to expect.”

Price: $497 – $595

Sample Covers:

2. TS95 Studios

About: “Hampton is a Rhode Island native and graphic design alum from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Currently a freelancer and small business owner living in the Tampa, Florida, he enjoys listening to thriller audiobooks, gaming with his partner, and working on his upcoming dark fantasy novel. He would love to explore voice acting in the future.”

Price: $275 – $400

Sample Covers:

3. Dissect Designs

About: “Hi, my name is Tim and I’m a UK based book cover designer. I passionately believe that an author and self publisher should have a beautifully constructed cover. This is why I set up Dissect Designs and started offering my design Skills to authors and Publishers. With Dissect Designs you can have a bespoke service that gives you the opportunity to have a book cover designed from scratch. I will use my years of experience in this field to take your book project to the next level. I offer this service for ebook and full print editions that include the front, back and spine. No matter where you are in the world, together we will get you a stunning book cover you can truly be proud of.”

Price: $439 – $539

Sample Covers:

4. We Got You Covered

About: “WE GOT YOU COVERED BOOK DESIGN specializes in book covers and interior design, bringing quality products to authors at affordable prices. Offering unique work in all genres as well as additional services such as branding and website design, WE GOT YOU COVERED aims to make the publishing process easy by being a one-stop shop for all your book-related needs.”

Price: $200 – $300

Sample Covers:

5. GetCovers

About: “Welcome to GetCovers — your number one source for all book cover design services. We want to make your self-publishing journey easier. That’s why we offer a wide variety of book cover services that won’t break the bank. GetCovers has come a long way from its beginnings.. Currently, we are a tight-knit group of design enthusiasts with a passion for books and visual art that inspires us to improve our skills. We hope you enjoy our book covers as much as we enjoy creating them for you.”

Price: $5 – $25+

Sample Covers:

6. Maria Spada

About: “I am Maria Spada (M. Aznar) and my life revolves around books. I am a book collector, book seller, a devoted reader and a book cover designer. I am from the tropical island of Cebu, Philippines. In the mid ’10s I landed a job at a publishing company and earned valuable experience in book cover design as well as advertising and print and have since then created (and re-created) hundreds of book covers for authors of different genres, including USA Today and New York Times Bestsellers.

I am dedicated to helping indie authors by providing quality yet affordable book cover design that will help reach and captivate its target audience.”

Price: $180 – $200

Sample Covers:

7. Whimsy Book Cover Graphics

About: “Hi, my name is Beck Michaels, owner, and graphic designer of Whimsy Book Cover Graphics. Besides designing, I am also an author, so I understand what it means to want the best cover for your book.

My specialty lies in fantasy and all related subgenres. In addition to beautiful covers, I also design logos, and marketing extras at a reasonable cost that fits your budget. Clients are consulted and updated constantly throughout the design process to ensure 100% satisfaction before final submission.

My #1 mission is to provide every author with a cover they love and are proud to display. I stand by my designs and a custom, high-quality product is guaranteed.

Price: $200 – $350

Sample Covers:

See the first part of this blog series—”7 Affordable Cover Artists for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books” for even more cover art options.

Note: Mythos & Ink is not affiliated with any of these companies and this list is a result of research. We do not guarantee their services or quality of work.

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