5 Red Flags to Avoid When Querying Small Publishers

If you don’t have an agent to vet your potential small publishers, here are five tips to save you some headaches—and…

Top 10 Fantasy Book Covers of 2019

Maybe you can judge a book by the cover. These are our favourites from 2019.

12 Books to Gift Your Friends for Christmas

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Ahoy, we’ve signed a new author!

Krakens, beware! There's a new pirate on board our ship. We've signed fantasy author Shelly Campbell.

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The Mythmakers' Guild

Our Facebook Writer’s community, called The Mythmakers’ Guild, is for aspiring sci-fi and fantasy authors to encourage each other and get advice from the professional writers and editors in the group. Visit our Communities page for more information.

Podcasts & Audio Publishing

Our podcast, The Wayfarer’s Guide to Worldbuilding is a tool to help writers, DMs, and creatives build better worlds. Each episode explores one facet of worldbuilding and gives practical advice on how to make these elements realistic.

About Us

We are a small press that publishes science fiction, fantasy, and select nonfiction. We’re passionate about bringing undervalued voices to the printed page, those who have amazing stories to tell. And we love unique worldbuilding.

How We're Different

We act like a traditional publisher, committed to the editing, design, and marketing for our books, but with the advantages of a small press. We are able to give our writers loving attention and encourage aspiring authors to learn and grow through our communities.

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Mythos & Ink

*coughs*Rothfuss*coughs* ... See MoreSee Less

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Mythos & Ink

So you've written a book. Now what? Read publishing tips from Mythos & Ink, including how to write disabled characters and promote gender equality. mailchi.mp/7872c2aaec1e/publishingtips ... See MoreSee Less

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Check out this guest post from our proofreader, @AMellenWrites, and learn what words to avoid to sharpen your prose. #writing #editing https://www.mythosink.com/three-ways-to-avoid-vague-writing/

Amplify the voices of 10 women and keep it going (please) 🤗

10 women in publishing who are superheroes:

@JustCaytlin https://twitter.com/SpeakUp_MHA/status/1229839962327015424

How to write a book:

1. Get idea.
2. Sit down.
3. Open laptop.
4. Find mood music.
5. No, not that song.
6. Not quite.
7. That one might work.
8. Found it!
9. Okay, I’m ready.
10. Whoops, out of time.

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