How to Write Myth-Inspired Poetry

Writing myth-based poetry gives you the freedom to engage with some of your favourite stories in a new way.

Marveling at Enneagram Two to Write Better Characters

Twos want to be needed, and rely on other people to bolster their self-worth.

How to Write Poetic Riddles and Clues

Learn how to write your own riddles and clues from these great examples.

Marveling at Enneagram One to Write Better Characters

Learn from Captain America about how to use the Enneagram One to create a character arc.

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A common piece of writing advice is to use simple dialogue tags like "said" or "asked" most of the time, and only rarely switch them out for fancier terms like "exclaimed" or "shrieked".

Do you agree with this? Or are you team spicy-speaker-tags?

If you're a book blogger, you could read SUPER SICK early! Pssst anime fans... she mentions All Might from #MyHeroAcademia.

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"Don’t write for money. Write because you love to do something. If you write for money, you won’t write anything worth reading."

- Ray Bradbury

Our editor's over at @TheMightySite today writing about how tying a disability to a villain's origin story can be problematic. #Morbius #MorbiusTrailer #chronicillness #disability

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