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Who we are. What we do. And, most importantly, our favourite mythological creatures.

Stories for geeks, by geeks.

Mythos & Ink is an independent press with a passion for great stories and the community built around them.

In addition to publishing science fiction, fantasy, and geeky nonfiction, we make spaces for writers to learn, grow, and become great authors through informative blog posts, writing resources, and a Discord community.

We work closely with our authors throughout the editing, publishing, publicity, and marketing processes to ensure everyone involved is passionate about the books we make. Check out our books!

Mythos & Ink is an independent publisher. We differ from traditional publishers in that we don’t give authors advances, we offer higher royalty rates than most large publishers, we work closely with our writers, and we only publish a few select books per year. We are not a vanity or subsidy press (i.e. we don’t charge fees to publish your book). If you would like us to consider your manuscript for publication, send us a query.


Allison Alexander

Editorial Director

Allison (she/her) is an editor, author, and geek. She graduated with a BA in English, a certificate in Publishing, and a 90 WPM typing speed. She loves working on books with diverse characters, and though she is ruthless about cutting unnecessary words, she cheers authors on with undying loyalty. She makes her home in Hoth, a.k.a. Winnipeg, with her husband and their giant collection of tabletop RPG manuals.

Mythological creature: KITSUNE 

Kyle Rudge

Business & Marketing Director

Kyle (he/him) has over ten years of experience in marketing and has been the program director and morning show host for two successful radio stations.

He is a jungle main, a Ravenclaw, and the Wayfarer’s Guide to Worldbuilding podcast host! He’s also a husband, a father of two humans, and a guardian of one furry companion. He loves seeing others reach their full creative potential.

Mythological creature: GOBLIN

Emma Skrumeda


Emma (she/her) is a makeup artist, writer, and history nerd. She loves lists, hates all things cherry-flavoured, and bears the reputation of cursed dice-roller. Words and quibbling are two of her great passions, so editing is a perfect fit. 

Emma lives with her husband and their two cats in an apartment which boasts a greater number of swords than rooms.

Mythological creature: DRAGON

Christiana Jones

Public Relations Director

Christiana (they/them) is a big ol’ geek who rages over not being a literal Jedi. They graduated with a diploma in photography, a diploma in creative communications, and a bachelors in rhetoric, writing, and communications.

They are spouse to a loving partner and parent to two very large and very spoiled cats. Ask them about their opinion on the Oxford comma if you dare!

Mythological creature: VAMPIRE

Kyla Neufeld

Freelance Copy Editor

Kyla Neufeld (she/her) is a poet, writer, and editor who lives in Winnipeg, Treaty One Territory, with her Sith Lord husband and Nazgûl daughter. She’s loved fantasy literature ever since she read The Lord of the Rings when she was thirteen. Since then, she’s explored many sci-fi/fantasy worlds, including Sunnydale, the Old Kingdom, and the Grishaverse. She’s interested in the intersections of geek culture, feminism, and social justice.

Mythological creature: KRAKEN

Alex Mellen

Freelance Proofreader

Alex Mellen (she/her) has a degree in Professional Writing from Taylor University and is a copy editor at Christianity Today. She’s completed projects for Gilead Publishing, Livingstone, Adventures in Odyssey, Area of Effect magazine, and Havok magazine. She enjoys movies, fantasy and sci-fi novels, piano, tabletop games, and coaching a Bible quizzing team.

Mythological creature: GRIFFIN

Jason Dueck

Freelance Podcast Editor

Jason Dueck’s (he/him) affection for science fiction and role-playing games comes as no surprise to anyone who’s seen his Star Wars lunch box full of polyhedral dice. When he’s not busy recounting the secrets hidden in the latest Marvel movie trailer, he works in non-profit communications.

Mythological creature: MIMIC

Join the Mythos & Ink Team!

We are not currently hiring full-time staff, but we are always looking for book bloggers or vloggers to add to our list of reviewers and early readers. If that’s you, sign up for our newsletter and check off “I’m a book blogger!”

To apply for an internship, email info@mythosink.com.

If you are a developmental, stylistic, or content editor who specializes in sci-fi and/or fantasy, feel free to send your resume to our Editorial Director allison@mythosink.com. We may have future projects for you! Priority goes to Canadian editors.

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