Our Communities

We value the people behind the books.

In addition to publishing science fiction, fantasy, and geeky nonfiction, we make spaces for writers to learn, grow, and become great authors through informative blog posts, a podcast, and a Discord community.


Discord is a free chat app for gamers and other communities. We use it to geek out about reading and writing!

Our Discord community is a place for fans of science fiction and fantasy to hang out together. If you are a reader, join for discussions about your favourite books, reviews by awesome bloggers, and a book club. If you are a writer, join for a community of creative minds who are getting words down onto the page. We discuss worldbuilding, chat about goals, read books on craft together, and cheer each other on!

Our Discord community is free to join.


Mythos & Ink has a Patreon page so we can continue to build community and provide resources for aspiring authors in addition to publishing wonderful books.

For less than a coffee a month, you can support our Discord community, our worldbuilding podcast, our blog, and our very existence as we work to publish unique voices from Canada and beyond. We actively update our Patreon at least once a month with behind the scenes info, polls, chapter samples, free ebooks, and suggestions of novels to add to your to-read pile. There are six tiers to choose from—squid, kitsune, griffin, phoenix, kirin, and dragon—and we value every single one. Thank you for your support!

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