How to Write Myth-Inspired Poetry

Writing myth-based poetry gives you the freedom to engage with some of your favourite stories in a new way.

Marveling at Enneagram Two to Write Better Characters

Twos want to be needed, and rely on other people to bolster their self-worth.

How to Write Poetic Riddles and Clues

Learn how to write your own riddles and clues from these great examples.

Marveling at Enneagram One to Write Better Characters

Learn from Captain America about how to use the Enneagram One to create a character arc.

How to Write a Poetic Myth

Myths are a great way to tell the stories of your world without resorting to heavy exposition.

5 Ways to Avoid Clichés and Write Stunning Prose

In which we look at The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon as an example of well-written prose.

How to Write a Poetic Prophecy

Thinking about writing a poetic prophecy for your novel? Make sure you follow these steps.

Editing Explained, Part 4: Proofreading

The goal is to make everything look as perfect as possible before publication or submission to an editor.  

Editing Explained, Part 3: Copy Editing

Copy editing is formatting everything according to a style guide and fixing inconsistencies.

Editing Explained, Part 2: Line Editing

Line editors focus on paragraph-level issues instead of broader story issues.

Editing Explained, Part 1: Substantive Editing

Substantive editing is the first step after your draft is complete, and should occur before correcting grammar,…

5 Tips for Writing an Unlikeable Protagonist (According to Final Space)

How do you make an unlikeable protagonist likeable? Just ask Gary Goodspeed.


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