My Pre-Editing Checklist

Before I edit anything, I make sure I've performed these four habits.

How to Build Your Novel’s Magic System

If you have specific rules for how magic works in your world, you can do some pretty fun things with it.

How to Pitch Your Book in 280 Characters or Less

Five examples of well-written pitches and five things I look for in a Twitter pitch.

5 Unique Magic Systems to Inspire Your Own

Whether magic has detailed rules or its source is a mystery, the way it impacts the world is fascinating to explore.

5 Story Tropes We’re Ready to Leave Behind

It's not that these story ideas are bad. They've just been done before, and we frequently see pitches featuring these…

3 Writing Podcasts to Motivate You

Here are some of our favourite podcasts that can encourage you, give you insight into authorship, and help you…

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Writing Dialogue

One of the reasons dialogue writing is tricky? It's not written like normal speech.

How to Write a Gripping First Sentence

Not everyone can be J.R.R. Tolkien with "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit," after all.

The Goal Every Writer Should Have in 2019

This may require some reflection on the content you've produced in the past year and accepting constructive criticism…

5 Book Genre Trends We Predict for 2019

While we are not practiced at divination, below are some trends we think could pop up in 2019 and would love to see in…

Why You Should Have an Elevator Pitch Ready

It's tempting to hum and haw and mumble a mediocre response when someone asks you what your book's about.

How to Write an Attractive Query Letter

This one little page of information is as crucial as the thousands of words you spent months painstakingly crafting.


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"Dad, what was it like? It really happened?"

"Son, it horrible. We barely survived. And no one knew when it would end."

"Honey, are you telling Tommy about the war?"

"What? No. The day that Facebook went down."

"Next time, no horror stories just before bedtime. "

Is it Marvel-ous? (Do you see what we did there? Do you get it? It is hilarious wordplay)

Do not dismiss your fellow writers' distress at their first rejection by saying, "Talk to me when you have 100 rejection letters." It's part of getting published and writers may toughen up to it, but we can still care instead of compare. #writingcommunity #amquerying #rejection

we bring the dinosaurs back
they eat us
the planet is saved
they conquer the earth
they figure out a way to use our fossils for fuel
our ancient dead goo fuels their dino-cars
the atmosphere warms anew
they decide to bring us back with dino-science
we eat them
the planet is saved

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