Voice of the Banished

The Marked Son, Book 2

By: Shelly Campbell


Akrist has done the impossible—bonded with a dragon—and word is spreading.

Betrayed, broken, and banished, Akrist is left to wander the wilderness in search of his lost love, Yara. But he’s not alone. Against all odds, he has bonded with Nardiri, one of the world’s last dragons. 

In this stunning sequel to Under the Lesser Moon, author Shelly Campbell brings us the heart-wrenching conclusion to Akrist’s journey. In a cruel, unforgiving world, Akrist must navigate what it means to be marked as both a Speaker—a leader chosen by Nasheira herself—and an outcast. Haunted by the sacrifices of first-born sons, he fears the world cannot be changed, even with a dragon’s help. If he does nothing, the cycle of sacrifice will begin again when the moons touch.

“Lush emotions, vivid characters, and a world rich with history—I didn’t want this journey to end.”
Essa Hansen

Watch the dramatized version of the creation myth from The Marked Son series, featuring cave drawings by the author herself! Narration by Kyle Rudge. Illustrations by Shelly Campbell. Direction by Allison Alexander.

“The world building is some of the best I've ever read, and the main character, Akrist, has left me with a permanent ache in my heart. Set in a brutal, often merciless world, the story kept me breathlessly turning pages to the very end. Clear your calendar, because you won't be able to put this one down.”
Julie Eshbaugh

Coming March 31, 2022

Voice of the Banished will be available online from most major booksellers. You can also order it from your favourite local bookstore or request it from your library!

ISBN: 978-1-989423-35-6 (softcover)
978-1-989423-36-3 (ebook)
978-1-989423-37-0 (large print softcover)
Publisher: Mythos & Ink
Publication Date: March 31, 2022
Dimensions: 5″ x 8″ (softcover), 5.5″ x 8.5″ (large print softcover)

Shelly Campbell

At a young age, Shelly Campbell wanted to be an air show pilot or a pirate, possibly a dragon and definitely a writer and artist. She’s piloted a Cessna 172 through spins and stalls, and sailed up the east coast on a tall ship barque—mostly without projectile vomiting. In the end, Shelly found writing fantasy and drawing dragons to be so much easier on the stomach.

Shelly‘s tales are speculative fiction, tending toward literary with dollops of oddity. She enjoys the challenge of exploring new techniques and subject matter, and strives to embed inspiring stories in her writing and art.

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