What Will Not Last

By: Lyndon Radchenka


One Author. Four Artists.

One author, four artists, and an exploratory anthology that challenges the concepts of letting go and hope for the future. In this graphic novel, What Will Not Last, readers are pulled into four unique narratives that defy expectations.
Will a father let his son be sacrificed for the good of his people? Is a spandex suit and the love of Citiesville’s people enough to make Hero-Man a real hero? Do nightmares come alive? Will a space exploration team find what they’re looking for?
Fantasy, superhero, horror, and science fiction genres are represented in this stunning culmination of Canadian talent that asks more questions than it answers and leaves you wanting more.
"Lyndon not only shows literary agility, but incredibly adaptive and solid lettering in the What Will Not Last anthology.
I'm excited to read what comes next."
Justin Currie
Chasing Artwork

Mythos & Ink has created a dramatized version of a snippet from “The Watcher, the fantasy story from What Will Not Last. Illustrated by Christopher Smith. Voiced by Kevin “Doc” Wilson, Jordan Phillips, and Ramya Freeman. Directed by Kyle Rudge.

The Illustrators

There are four very different art styles featured in What Will Not Last! Christopher Smith illustrated “The Watcher,” Zach Schuster illustrated “Hero Man,” GMB Chomichuk illustrated “The Light Under the Door,” and Steven Kaul illustrated the “Infinite Universe Epilogue.” The book includes notes on the author-illustrator relationship and insights into each story’s creation.

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What Will Not Last is available from most major booksellers. You can also order it from your favourite local bookstore or request it from your library!

ISBN: 978-1-989423-08-0 (softcover)
Publisher: Mythos & Ink
Publication date: July 2, 2020
Pages: 46
Dimensions: 6.63″ x 10.25″ (softcover)

Lyndon Radchenka

Lyndon Radchenka is a writer and comic book letterer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He grew up on Saturday morning cartoons and thinks 1997’s Batman & Robin was “a fun movie.” Lyndon received an English degree from the University of Manitoba in 2015 and a law degree from the University of Calgary in 2019.

Despite enjoying the “classics” of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Dumas, Lyndon was drawn back to comics. Lyndon became active in the comic convention scene in 2013, and was quickly enchanted by the passion and support of the indie comics community.

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