5 Story Tropes We’re Ready to Leave Behind

It's not that these story ideas are bad. They've just been done before, and we frequently see pitches featuring these…

3 Writing Podcasts to Motivate You

Here are some of our favourite podcasts that can encourage you, give you insight into authorship, and help you…

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Writing Dialogue

One of the reasons dialogue writing is tricky? It's not written like normal speech.

How to Write a Gripping First Sentence

Not everyone can be J.R.R. Tolkien with "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit," after all.

Glass elevator photo
Why You Should Have an Elevator Pitch Ready

It's tempting to hum and haw and mumble a mediocre response when someone asks you what your book's about.

Woman typing on a laptop photo
How to Write an Attractive Query Letter

This one little page of information is as crucial as the thousands of words you spent months painstakingly crafting.

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Show and Tell According to Harry Potter

What does "Show, don't tell" even mean? How can we learn from authors who are pros at writing sensory imagery?

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Mythos & Ink

We'd just like to point out that there's a Harry Potter quote for everything, and in this case, it's an accurate analogy for mental health.

Thanks to Luke Annand for mentioning it to us!
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Mythos & Ink

This is our current writing jam. I cannot recommend enough. What's your go-to for music while you create? #zeldaandchill #writingjam ... See MoreSee Less

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Mythos & Ink
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Wayfarer's Podcast recording begins... #wayfarerguide @emmajulianartistry @videogamefaith ... See MoreSee Less

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If you join our Patreon, you get to see photos like this of our office dog, Jayne, every month! (Also you're supporting our writer mentorship program.) #TheDogTheyCallJayne #bernesemountaindog #writing www.patreon.com/mythosandink ... See MoreSee Less

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Just had a message from someone saying that a “reputable publisher” is asking him for £3k to publish his debut. Legit publishers will NEVER charge an author to publish their work, and it makes me really sad to think of writers being taken advantage of like that. And cross. 😖

‘For the plot,’ I whisper as I delete a beloved sentence that no longer makes sense. A tear falls down my cheek.

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Disabled writers! Disabled People Destroy Fantasy is OPEN to your story, poetry, and essay submissions! You have until the end of February 28th! Editors @kekduckett, @cafenowhere, & @NBarischoff can't wait to read your brilliance! https://t.co/G1O0i0xvKU

Since I've been getting panicked questions pertaining to the same topic for #RevPit and #10Queries I'll answer here with a #writingtips thread. You will hear many terms thrown around over the course of the next few days--begin in a scene, action, inciting incident (1

If you need dialogue inspiration, ask a parent. #dialogue #writing #parenting

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