Cover Reveal for Voice of the Banished by Shelly Campbell

It’s here! Thanks to Bookfly Design for this glorious cover for the finale to Shelly Campbell’s fantasy duology. If you haven’t read Book One, grab it here

Voice of the Banished is coming March 2022. Check out the synopsis below, and add it to Goodreads!

Akrist has done the impossible—bonded with a dragon—and word is spreading.

Betrayed, broken, and banished, Akrist is left to wander the wilderness in search of his lost love, Yara. But he’s not alone. Against all odds, he has bonded with Nardiri, one of the world’s last dragons. 

In this stunning sequel to Under the Lesser Moon, author Shelly Campbell brings us the heart-wrenching conclusion to Akrist’s journey. In a cruel, unforgiving world, Akrist must navigate what it means to be marked as both a Speaker—a leader chosen by Nasheira herself—and an outcast. Haunted by the sacrifices of first-born sons, he fears the world cannot be changed, even with a dragon’s help. If he does nothing, the cycle of sacrifice will begin again when the moons touch.

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