Cover Reveal: Thy Geekdom Come, Vol. 2

It’s here! Check out the cover for our upcoming book of Christian devotionals, Thy Geekdom Come, Vol. 2: 42 Science Fiction-Inspired Devotionals. While Volume 1 was filled with a variety of geeky genres and topics, Volume 2 focuses on science fiction fandoms! The awesome art is by Paper Beats Rock (see more of his artwork here). We’re excited to get this geeky, faith-filled book into your hands in 2021—on March 42nd, to be precise.

Our Thy Geekdom Come series of devotionals goes deeper than the short, monthly reflections you might be familiar with from a book categorized as a “devotional.” They are meant to be sat with, slowly digested, and pondered over, and they don’t shy away from difficult questions, like how to reconcile faith with social justice, equality, science, and more. We geeks treasure the things we love and tend to engage, ponder, and digest our favourite stories over and over. We figure the same is true for our faith, so we put together a devotional that does exactly that.

The writers come from a variety of different faith backgrounds, including Baptist, Free Methodist, Mennonite, Catholic, Reformed, Non-Denominational, and others. 

The devotionals are beta read by pastors and theologians to ensure biblical accuracy, and we provide context for scripture readings to encourage readers to understand not just what is being said, but why it is being said.

Check out the book description below and add it to Goodreads!

Do you drink blue milk for breakfast? Are you aimin’ to misbehave? Do you wish there was a book that combined your faith with your love of science fiction? Delving into futuristic, space-faring, and post-apocalyptic worlds, Thy Geekdom Come (Vol. 2)—written by a group of authors and pastors from a variety of Christian backgrounds—relates these tales to an almighty, loving God who is ever present in our beloved franchises. From The Mandalorian to Final Fantasy, popular stories impact our lives and can point the way to what is holy if we dare to look.

Writers who contributed to this anthology: Allison Alexander, Daniel Bergman, Nathan Campbell, Matt Civico, Kevin Cummings, Jason Dueck, Ellen Elliott, James Felix, Victoria Grace Howell, Philippa Isom, Justin Koop, Lester Liao, Ashley Mowers, Michael Penner, Kyle Rudge, Charles Sadnick, Dustin Schellenberg, Jen Schlameuss, Jonathan Elsensohn, Jared Siebert, Nathan Siebert, Emma Skrumeda, Aaron Thiessen, Shaneen Thompson, Tim Webster, Robert White, Courtney Young.

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