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It’s dangerous to go it alone as an author. There are goblins and trolls and several-headed aliens that all present themselves as obstacles for your goals as a writer or creative. Yes we do believe you COULD do it alone (and we admire those who do) but we do operate on the belief that it’s always more enjoyable with a community around you (even for those of us who are introverts).

Being an author can be a lonely road, but it doesn’t have to be. Communities are truly the life blood of our work here at Mythos & Ink. In addition to producing wonderful stories, we want to encourage writers and other creatives.

The Mythmaker's Guild

Our Facebook Writer’s community, called The Mythmaker’s Guild, is for aspiring sci-fi and fantasy authors to encourage each other and get advice from the professional writers and editors in the group. Including query critique sessions and “Ask the Editor” posts, the guild is a space for writers to learn and improve their craft. To join The Mythmaker’s Guild, support Mythos & Ink on Patreon at the Griffin level or above. Alternatively, apply for our Emerging Writer Program.

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Our Patreon Community

Visit our Patreon page to receive a variety of different rewards for supporting Mythos & Ink, including access to The Mythmaker’s Guild, helpful blog posts, and copies of the books we publish.

You can also support an aspiring writer who would like to be part of our communities!

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