Emerging Writer Program

What is the Emerging Writer Program?

Our Emerging Writer Program is for underprivileged writers who cannot afford to join our Patreon community but would benefit from access to our content and membership in the Mythmaker’s Guild. Our blog posts contain writing advice, worldbuilding tips, and more. The Mythmaker’s Guild is a Facebook group for writers to learn from each other and get advice from professionals. Our Emerging Writers are able to participate in “Ask the Editor” posts and request critiques from their peers.

Who should apply?

Writers who have less than three writing credentials (published work they’ve been paid for) will take precedence, but you are also welcome to apply if you have more experience and are dedicated to improving your craft.

If you are serious about writing science fiction or fantasy tales, this is a place for you to learn more about these genres. Prepare to be encouraged and challenged to develop your writing skills, wherever they’re at!

If you are not a writer, but would like to sponsor an emerging writer, you can do so through our Patreon by joining the Paragon tier.


Current Sponsored Emerging Writer Openings Available


What benefits are there for Emerging Writers?

Professional Advice

The Mythmaker's Guild includes professional writers and editors who are willing to mentor aspiring authors. If you’re curious about publishing, the writing industry, or what editors are looking for, you may find valuable contacts within the Guild. Emerging Writers are invited to ask the editors questions and suggest topics for blog posts.

Encouragement from Peers

Often, writing is a lonely profession. It may feel like no one else understands the self-motivation and dedication it takes to succeed in publishing. It’s tiring doing the work alone! And while no one is going to put the words on the page for you, the Mythmaker's Guild is a place to encourage each other and even find critique partners.

Helpful Content

Our Patreon blog, which Emerging Writers have access to, is a wealth of information for aspiring authors. You will see topics on how to write a query letter, editing pet peeves, character development, and much more. These blog topics are also influenced by the questions Emerging Writers ask and subjects discussed in the Mythmaker's Guild.


Due to the pandemic, membership in the Mythmaker’s Guild is free for the time being. There is no need to apply to our Emerging Writers’ Program. Simply request to join the guild on Facebook.