Fantasy Cover Reveal: Under the Lesser Moon

I’m so excited to show off the gorgeous cover for Mythos & Ink’s upcoming fantasy novel: Under the Lesser Moon (The Marked Son, Book 1) by Shelly Campbell. Under the Lesser Moon is a tribalistic, survival fantasy by a stunning new voice in Canadian fiction. In a society where firstborn sons are sacrificed to the Goddess, Akrist is taught that he is cursed. Only his death can mend the relationship between his people and the dragons that used to guide them. But he doesn’t want to die.

Feast your eyes on this cover, created by James T. Egan of Bookfly Design! The design showcases the dual moons, which are key to the story’s lore, and subtle dragon ornamentation on a leather background.

Under the Lesser Moon will be available in paperback, ebook, and large print from Mythos & Ink on November 7, 2020.Under the Lesser Moon book cover.And as a special treat, we’ve also created a teaser video that tells the creation myth from the book. The video features gorgeous cave drawings by the author herself. Check it out:

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