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Patreon allows us to focus on community-building in addition to publishing great books. Your patronage through our patreon page allows us to write blog posts on craft, run a community for readers and writers, and produce valuable content we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. It also helps us to function as a small, independent press.

All patrons receive exclusive, monthly content, including sneak peeks of upcoming novels, cover reveals, opportunities to ask the editors questions, ebooks, behind the scenes updates, book recommendations, and PDF resources written specifically for our patrons. See the rewards for each tier below!

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$1 per month

  • Access behind the scenes updates on writing and publishing.
  • Participate in polls (give your opinion on our book titles and topics!).
  • Read “Mythos & Ink Recommends” (monthly suggestions of SFF books to add to your to-read pile).
  • Squirt ink at your enemies.
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$2 per month

  • Gain all previous tier rewards.
  • Catch sneak peeks of upcoming books and cover reveals before anyone else!
  • Ask editors questions about writing, publishing, marketing, or editing on our Discord server.
  • Floof your nine floofy tails.
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$5 per month

  • Gain all previous tier rewards.
  • Get free ebooks of the SFF and nonfiction books we publish.
  • Read free PDF resources on writing and editing.
  • Post about your own published works on our Discord.
  • Fly!
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$10 per month

  • Gain all previous tier rewards.
  • Disintegrate into a thousand flames and be reborn.
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$20 per month

  • Gain all previous tier rewards.
  • Be the cool, unknown, mysterious one.
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$50 per month

  • Gain all previous tier rewards.
  • Snort fire out of your nostrils.