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Patreon allows us to focus on community-building in addition to publishing great books. Your patronage through our patreon page allows us to produce valuable content we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Our tiers are geared towards readers who love fantasy and science fiction, aspiring authors, and people who want to support emerging writers through our Emerging Writer Program.

All patrons receive exclusive, monthly content. Writers may be interested in the Griffin tier, which allows access to our Facebook writers’ community, The Mythmaker’s Guild—this is a space for aspiring writers to encourage and critique each other, and where published authors and professional editors answer questions and discuss relevant topics. Other tiers enable you to receive copies of the books we publish and support an underprivileged writer so they have access to our posts and communities.

Plus, you get to see pictures of Jayne, our office dog. Yes, Jayne is a boy. He’s a very good boy.

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Extra Content

Access to behind the scenes updates, sneak peaks of upcoming publications, and photos of our office dog, Jayne.

$1+ a month

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Podcast Mention

Your name mentioned on the Wayfarer’s Guide to Worldbuilding podcast.

All previous tier rewards.

$2+ a month

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Writer's Community

Access to the Mythmaker’s Guild on Facebook, which includes monthly writing challenges and critiques by a professional editor.

All previous tier rewards.

$10+ a month

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Sponsor an Emerging Writer

Sponsor an aspiring writer to join the Mythmaker’s Guild.

All previous tier rewards except Griffins.

$10+ a month

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Ebooks and Audiobooks

Receive ebooks and audiobooks of the projects we publish after your subscription, plus your name will appear in the Acknowledgements section of the ebooks and print books we publish.

All previous tier rewards.

$20+ a month

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Receive print copies (US and Canada only) of our projects published after your subscription.

All previous tier rewards, but your ebooks will be advance copies.

$50+ a month