Podcast Episode 1.04 – Artificial Intelligence

Episode Notes

Machines capable of thinking and acting like humans. Robots with souls. Do they take over the world and attempt to destroy humanity? Are they depressed sidekicks? Do they just want to be left alone? It depends on the story, but all of these characters have one thing in common: they explore the question of what it really means to be human.
  • Allison’s example: All Systems Red by Martha Wells.
  • Emma’s example: I, Robot (movie).
  • Kyle’s example: Star Wars: The Old Republic (video game)
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  • Read a sample of Under the Lesser Moon by Shelly Campbell
  • See our animated video for What Will Not Last, a graphic novel by Lyndon Radchenka.
Produced by Mythos & Ink.
Announcement Music: Coffee Beats by Aaron Parsons (Used with permission).

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