Podcast Episode 1.09 – Magic Systems: Superpowers

Episode Notes

Superpowers! Generally, In superhero stories, every hero has a different ability. Think X-Men, the Avengers, or Justice League. These abilities might fall under a theme (for example, everyone can shapeshift into animals), or they might be a hodgepodge of superhuman abilities (Thor has lightning powers, the Hulk has super strength, etc.). Some characters gain superpowers in unique ways (like the Fantastic Four, who survived cosmic radiation), while others are born with them (like the X-Men). The possibilities are endless, and the lines can blur between superheroes and other types of magic systems, but that’s why it’s fun.
Join the hosts, Kyle Rudge, Allison Alexander, and Emma Skrumeda, as they delve into superpowers and give you questions to ask yourself when writing superhero stories.
  • Emma’s example: Animorphs series by K.A. Applegate
  • Allison’s example: Hunter X Hunter (anime TV series)
  • Kyle’s example: My Hero Academia (anime TV series)
  • Get a copy of Under the Lesser Moon by Shelly Campbell, Book 1 in the Marked Son series (Emma mentions she’s been editing Book 2)
Produced by Mythos & Ink.
Announcement Music: Coffee Beats by Aaron Parsons (Used with permission)

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