Podcast Episode 1.10 – Magic Systems: Incantations

1.10 Dystopia in The Hunger Games

Episode Notes

Abra kadabra alakazam!

As powerful as words are in the “real world,” they get even more powerful when they are imbued with magic. Incantations are words said aloud in order to produce a magical effect. Usually they involve mystical, made-up languages, and they are often accompanied by gestures or physical components in order to get a spell to work. This topic is a fun one to talk about, because it’s focusing on the mechanics of magic rather than the results produced.

Join the hosts—Kyle Rudge, Allison Alexander, and Emma Skrumeda—as they delve into superpowers and give you questions to ask yourself when writing stories with incantation magic.


Produced by Mythos & Ink.

Announcement Music: Coffee Beats by Aaron Parsons (Used with permission)

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