Thy Geekdom Come: 42 Fandom-Inspired Devotionals, Vol. 2

You asked for it. We’re delivering. Volume 2 of our geeky devotional series is coming soon, and this time it’s science-fiction themed!

Do you dream of electric sheep, understand Klingon, or wish you could eat an Ice Planet (even though it would be problematic)? Do you wish there was a book that mashed your faith and fandom together? 

Explore the stories in Star Wars, Ender’s Game, Stranger Things, Star Trek, and more in relation to biblical themes and Christian theology in Thy Geekdom Come. Written by a group of authors and pastors from a variety of Christian backgrounds, this devotional book points toward how God is present everywhere—including in the shows we watch, games we play, and books we read. These stories impact our lives and can point the way to what is holy if we dare to look.

Release Date: March, 2021


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