How to query us with your manuscript.

We’re passionate about other worlds—tales of the impossible, broken, and lovely—told by unique voices. For fiction, we publish middle grade, young adult, and adult science fiction or fantasy books that feature relatable characters and astounding settings. We also publish graphic novels by author/illustrators or author illustrator teams. 

Nonfiction projects should relate to geek culture in some way. For example, we’ve published a book on chronic illness that discusses how disability is represented in pop culture and a collection of essays on geek culture and philosophy. We consider material inspired by Christian faith, but, again, only if it relates to geek culture.

We are currently


for submissions.

What we're looking for...

Science Fiction

We consider all genres of science fiction, but are particularly drawn to alternate/parallel universe, Lovecraftian, artificial intelligence, light/humourous, science-fantasy, and space opera. Stories that are character-driven and have a basis in real science are our jam. Aliens, otherworldly societies, and futuristic technology are welcome!


Show us world-building we’ve never seen before! We especially like sword and sorcery, mythic, humourous, and superhero sub-genres, but all the better if your book doesn’t neatly fit into a category and delights us with its quirkiness. We enjoy stories that take unfamiliar turns and characters who find meaning in community.


Nonfiction projects should relate to science fiction, fantasy, anime, comics, video games, or mythology We’re looking for books that engage with pop culture in a unique way. Feminist and disabled viewpoints are especially welcome. We’re also interested in engaging with pop culture and religion/faith.

Submit Your Query

Send your query letter in the body of the email to, with the following subject line: Query – Genre – Book Title (e.g. “Query – Fantasy – The Lord of the Rings”).

You can address your email to our editor, Allison Alexander. Do not send us snail mail; we only accept electronic submissions. 

For fiction, your query letter should include a bio, genre, target age (middle grade, young adult, or adult), title, word count, and a pitch (similar to the teaser summary you’d read on the back cover of a published novel). Include the first ten pages of the book pasted into the body of the email. For graphic novels, include the first ten pages as a PDF or link to your portfolio.

For nonfiction, include a query letter in the body of the email and attach your book proposal as a PDF. Your proposal should include the following:

  • Short summary (one sentence)
  • Long summary (one page maximum)
  • Target Market
  • Promotional Ideas
  • Comparable titles
  • Author Bio
  • Specifications (word count, estimated completion date if the book isn’t finished)
  • Chapter Summaries
  • Sample Chapters (preferably the first two)

Response Time

We read and respond to every query we receive. Our response time varies from one to four months. If, after four months, you have not received a reply from us, feel free to give us a nudge in case your email was eaten by rampaging wampas. 

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